The Best For Hotel Accommodation In Tasmania

Hotel Accommodation

If you are looking for hotel Tasmania, then you will find York Cove to be the best place to stay all through your sojourn here. Do you plan to stay here for long or you just need room to stay for a short period? Not to worry; York Cove has everything you need for a beautiful experience in hospitality while you are here.

The amenities here are provided to make you feel at home and also to make your stay here as comfortable as it can ever get. So if you are looking for places to stay in Tasmania, never hesitate to call up York Cove, and you will never regret dealing with them.

Great foods

One of the factors that set York Cove apart from the other hotels operating in Tasmania is the quality foods available to lodgers here. They offer a great bar and restaurant where continental dishes are served, which makes the hotel the perfect international hotel you can ever hope for anywhere in Tasmania.

The foods are served in a homely manner and give you a sense that you are at home while here.  They equally provide boutique beers and local wines along with great tasty meals. If you prefer aniseed pork belly or a taste of beer battered market fish, you can access them all here at this hotel.

Furthermore, the kitchen dishes out great cuisine that features all manners of tasty foods. Their room service can equally serve you your foods in bed if you so desire.

Warm and friendly hospitality service

You will start feeling the warmth and friendliness from the very moment you step into the hotel. The front desk staff members will greet you with genuine smiles to bid you welcome into this home of warmth and hospitality.

The sun-drenched dining room equally adds to the warmth and friendliness that this hotel has to offer, which makes it one of the best places to consider when looking for places to stay in Tasmania.

While dining in the dining room, you can command a wide view of great locations like the marina, township and a wide view of the river.

Great amenities

You can find all the amenities you can ever hope for in a 5-star hotel when you are here.  Aside from accommodation, they also have facilities for those who want to host conferences, meetings and other occasions that require a big room where people can gather at once. Do you need a space for your wedding reception? You can rent a space here at a highly affordable cost.


When looking for a top quality hotel Tasmania, you should consider no other hotel than York Cove. You will find their services here to be top notch and enjoyable. It is the perfect place for pampered, and there is 100% assurance that you will get top value for your money here.