Searching for the best restaurants to try Chinese cuisine in Chennai? Here are the best picks!

chinese cuisine restaurants

The rich culture and heritage of Chennai speak volumes about why the city is particularly favourite to travellers from all parts of the world. But is it just limited to that? No. The delicacies served in Chennai restaurants are also quite admired by tourists from worldwide. Here, you will find all local and international cuisines being prepared by the chef with great care and you will be stunned by how they add a local touch to each preparation. While South Indian dishes here are what you must be all aware of, Chinese dishes have recently cropped up as important too and are served at various outlets of the city.

When I came to Chennai, I barely had any idea about the Chinese restaurants that the city has to offer. But then, my sister who resides here suggested to me a few places that I can visit to satiate my craving for Chinese. So, I followed her advice and visited one outlet with no expectation as such. But when I ordered my favourite gravy noodles, I was totally impressed by the taste. Trust me, I got so excited I decided to tour around the other Chinese restaurants as well. If you too want to experience Chinese delicacies, especially the best ones in the city, then get your Indigo booking or any other flight booking done from the online portal and head to the following restaurant and savour the best Chinese dishes in town. Trust me, all these places are worth visiting.

Soy Soi

This is one of the modern restaurants in Chennai that serves incredibly good Chinese dishes. Besides, it also serves all kinds of Asian street food to its visitors. The menu here has a variety of dim sums that you can try. Other than that, you can also try their Cheung Fung prawn that is unique in taste. The dish includes steamy noodles and crunchy fried prawns sauteed with soya sauce and vinegar that exudes a rich aroma. The place is also famous for serving baos of many variations and flavours. The wooden lamps on the ceiling give the restaurant a classical appeal and brighten up the place. Soy Soi restaurant boasts of novelty with its appearance and is decorated with vibrant tiny plates on the walls.

Liu’s Waldorf

Liu’s Waldorf is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Chennai. This restaurant is still owned by a Chinese family and therefore, you can undoubtedly visit here to try lip-smacking Chinese dishes. It is located near IIT Madras and is a favourite place for the students. As it is centrally located in the city, the cafe also attracts lots of tourists and visitors. Chinese preparations such as chilli meat and American chop suey are two of the popular dishes served here. The restaurant has a laughing buddha statue positioned at the entrance and the Chinese lanterns decorated all over gives real Chinese vibes.

Pan Asian, ITC Grand Chola

This is one of the deluxe hotels in Chennai that has a perfect menu for food connoisseurs. The luxury restaurant has a grand entrance with two wooden horses and large spoked wheels. There is a touch of royalty in every corner of this restaurant. The large dining halls with modern lights and sprawling corridors will give you the impression of the royal Indian heritage. This restaurant serves a widespread buffet that includes several cuisines such as Thai, Asian and Japanese, but Chinese cuisine is the best served here. The Chinese menu consists of exquisite dishes such as the chicken with vodka braised chilli and pan-fried chestnut with the black pepper crumble. Pan Asian is also famous for its stuffed dumplings loaded with chicken, lamb, and vegetables with chilli sauce. The pan-fried chopped pork dim sum is also one of the most preferred items of the visitors.


HuTong is one of the famous restaurants in Chennai. The eclectic menu of this cafe offers a myriad of Chinese delicacies that are brilliant in taste. As you enter the restaurant, you will be welcomed with a soothing aura and will be quite allured by the big lantern decoration on the ceilings. Almost all the preparations are prepared with great finesse and the staff is also quite cooperative here. For those of you who are fond of desserts, this place also serves some amazing pineapple upside-down cake and condensed milk ice cream that will give your palate a unique taste.

So, here are the top restaurants of Chennai where you can visit to savour delicious Chinese food from all over the world. Each of the dishes is better than the other and you will surely have a hard time selecting which one to order. The lip-smacking food and the incredible Chinese combos here will make you visit Chennai again and again.