Travel Recommendations On Sentosa Island You Must Visit

Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is a landmark of Singapore’s tourist attraction, located separately from the main island of Singapore, but remains an attraction for travelers. There are many things you can do on this 5 km wide island.

Exploring Sentosa Island is recommended not only for a day because there are many destinations that you can enjoy. For a comfortable night, you can try staying at a hotel that is not far from various tourist destinations on Sentosa Island.

There are many hotels that can be your choice of place to stay, one of which is Sentosa Hotels or Hotel Michael that you can book through Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp. Both of them can be your choice of where to spend the night because of their proximity to various destinations with services that can pamper you.

Hotel selection is very important for those of you who want to vacation comfortably. After a day of vacation, you can immediately rest comfortably at the hotel of your choice. After you choose a hotel, you can visit various destinations. There are 4 categories of tourism objects on Sentosa Island, namely, Imbiah Lookout right in the center of Sentosa Island, Siloso Point, the beach area, and Resort World Sentosa.

Attractions on Sentosa Island for free, because they exist. There are several interesting places that can be visited for free to save your budget.

  1. Siloso Point is one of the free tourist attractions in this area. A beautiful and serene stretch of man-made beach can be the best alternative to leave a digital footprint during the holidays. You can try the beach volleyball facilities and enjoy the sun in the afternoon while waiting for the sunset. You can take the tram at the bus stop.
  2. Merlion Park, a statue of 8.6 meters and weighing 70 tons, is very instagramable and becomes an interesting spot for taking pictures. Overlooking Marina Bay right in front of the Fullerton Hotel, this statue of a lion-headed fish is very iconic. You only need to take the MRT green line then get off at Raffles Place MRT Station.
  3. Marina Bay Sands, a free business complex on Sentosa Island. There are malls, hotels and casinos that are very charming with magnificent buildings. This unique building resembling a boat with 3 pillars presents a free show entitled Wonderful Light and Water Spectacular. This free show can be enjoyed for 13 minutes.
  4. Esplanade, the durian building which is located opposite the Merlion Park. The Esplanade is a free performing arts hub that Singaporeans are proud of. There is a complete library in it. You just have to walk through bougainvillea park from Merlion Park to get here. Can take pictures and enjoy art performances for free.

After visiting various tourist destinations, there are also activities that you must do while on vacation in Singapore, such as tasting a variety of Singaporean culinary specialties such as Laksa Singapore, this Singaporean food is a food that makes tourists curious. This Singaporean laksa consists of a spicy red coconut milk sauce, clams, prawns, peanuts, fish cakes, with a mix of sweet, salty and savory flavors.

Furthermore, nasi lemak is rice mixed with coconut milk and pandan leaves. Nasi lemak is usually served with some complements such as fish, chicken, cucumber, egg and spicy chili sauce. Both of these culinary delights are a must-try while in Singapore. Of course, with other street food options.