Excellent Hotel Service In KLCC

Excellent Hotel

This hotel is located in Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle. Our hotel is located in a way that it is connected to all the sights and sounds of Kuala Lumpur. For any kind of trip whether it is for a business or a weekend vacation, our hotel is the perfect destination. Our destination lets you see things differently and with a new perspective. Our hotels are extraordinarily full of services and facilities that you should book a hotel near KLCC for your next trip.

Just five minutes of walking in any direction will take you to the capital’s sought-after shopping malls and dining destinations. A drive of five minutes will take you to the world-famous landmarks of the city. Corus hotel connects you to Singapore and Penang through Aeroline Coach. There is rail facility at our doorstep which will take you anywhere in the city. We provide a warm hospitality that will keep you mesmerized.

Our services

We offer comfortable guest services and reliability. Our staff is consistent and punctual in their performance and that is the reason to book a hotel near KlCC. The attentive and caring behavior of staff holds the attention of customers and guests. Everyone from waiter to chefs is experienced and well mannered. We provide a memorable wedding banquet service which everyone has dreamed of. Beautifully decorated hall with gorgeous themes and lights makes everything look like a fairytale which is perfect for a wedding.

Dining in Ming palace

We have a team of experienced and trained chefs which are excellent in making delicious meals. Our cuisine includes Sze Chuan and Cantonese Fare which is pork free. Our typical lunch time is 12 noon to 2:30 pm and dinner time is 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm. The meal time is extended so that it is suitable for all the customers and guests and so they can eat according to their own schedule. We have an arrangement which allows a setting of 200 guests at once. We provide five private huge dining rooms for occasional and personal gatherings. Ming palace is the best in town when it comes to Chinese food. We are ready to cater for big parties as well as small ones. Any huge function like a wedding banquet, business meetings, is serviced well.

Luxurious rooms

We have comfortable rooms for our guests. Rooms have modern equipment and are built in order to highlight artistic perspective. Large rooms with all the facilities can make your stay even more memorable. There are soft and comfortable beds with beautiful curtains in the rooms. A large window will give you the beautiful sight of the city area. Dim LED lights give the sense of relaxation and will take all your stress away.


Overall our Hotel offers you the facilities which are extremely extraordinary and better than any other hotels. There are many other benefits like you will get the sightseeing very easily as our Hotel is in a very prominent location.