Top 5 Beautiful Places In Dharamshala That One Cannot Afford To Miss

Beautiful Places In Dharamshala

Dharamshala is a hill station located in Himachal Pradesh. This city is also famously known as the city of Dalai Lama. There are a lot of tourist attractions in this hill station as this is one of the sought-after destination during the summers. Apart from being a tourist spot, it is also known as a spiritual centre for Hinduism and Buddhism. In lines with the spiritual centre tag, McLeod Ganj is the most frequently visited place in Dharamshala by the tourists who are also interested in spirituality or otherwise. Masrur is another place which is filled with rock temples which have statues of Gods carved from rocks.

While most travellers return home with a more positive and happy perspective of life and their surroundings, there are some people who stay back there for months and years together, lost in the beauty of the surroundings and warmth of people. The Tibetan culture and Indian spiritual traditions are in abundance over here that one can never get enough of it. You can find some of the best hotels in Dharamshala as per your budget starting from Rs.900/- per night up to Rs. 10,000/-.

Kangra Valley 

Kangra valley is supposedly the best place to visit in Dharamshala is also one of the contender for UNESCO World Heritage Site owing to its beautiful scenery. The place is so unique that the people living in the region have their own dialect and they speak in Kangri. The renowned Masrur temple is also situated in this region only.

Pathankot is the closest railway station to this valley and there is also an airport called Gaggal Airport which is also known as Kangra airport. The climate here in this region is pleasant through most months of the years but the winters can become freezing cold. Hence it is advisable to visit during the months of March to April only in this region.

Triund Hill

The Triund hills is the most precious place in Dharamshala and is celebrated as its crown jewel. These hills are located amidst the Dhauladhar mountain range and has a stunning view of the hills and valleys surrounding it. Triund is also a popular trekking site which attracts a lot of tourists from around India who enjoy adventure. For those who cannot walk or trek to the top of the hill, there is also an option to ride on a horse or pony which will take you the hill top. The whole trek trail is lined up with beautiful deodar, oak and rhododendron trees which provides a marvellous sight to the trekkers.

Dal lake and Nadi

Lying in the southern region of Dharamshala, the Dal Lake lies between deodar trees and hills. It is often the starting point for trekking and excursions, to enjoy beautiful views of the Lake. A small sized Shiva temple is also situated on the banks of this lake. Every September, this place hosts a lively fair visited by many. Some of the best hotels in Dharamshala are close by to Dal lake so you can enjoy the view of the lake and relax.

Dalai Lama Temple Complex 

The name Dalai Lama itself brings about a peaceful and tranquil thought through our minds. And how can we not visit his spiritual centre being in the city of Dalai Lama itself! True to its name, it is one of the most peaceful places to visit and spend time. The surrounding areas are adorned with colourful prayer flags which makes it a beautiful sight to see while walking around the temple complex. There are a lot of interesting statues that can be found in the vicinity. The experience you get out of watching the monks meditate peacefully and chant verses is something unmatchable, and the best part is you can also join the monks in their prayers if you wish to. The Dalai Lama Temple Complex is just a short walk away from the Bus Stand in McLeod Ganj. It is also easily accessible from the major parts of the city. If you are staying in the best hotels in Dharamshala, then finding your way to this tranquil spot is a piece of cake.

Bhagsu falls

Located only 2km from Mcleodganj, Bhagsu Falls is nestled amidst lush greenery and nature untouched by human intervention. It is a must visit for tourist who are travelling here and will have you mesmerised by its grandeur. Spread over a vast expanse of land, this place takes nearly 4-5 hours to explore completely. Trekking is a common activity in this region. This place hosts various cafes and eateries where tourists are seen taking a break and buying refreshments. The Shiva cafe is very famous for its snacks and also offers Hookah. A divergent right before the falls, takes you to this cafe after a flight of stairs to climb.