Munich Pocket Travel Guide

Munich Travel

Munich is a beautiful city to visit all year round. If the Bavaria capital is on your holiday list, make sure not to miss the most important touristic attractions.

The city is situated in the south of Bavaria, and it’s famous for its fine culture, beautiful architecture and the annual beer celebration, Oktoberfest. The cultural scene in Munich is the best in Germany, and some even consider its museums to outrank those in Berlin.

  1. The Deutsches Museum displays an impressive collection of technology and science exhibits, and its location on the IsarRiver is perfect for those who wish to enjoy a relaxing afternoon stroll.
  2. The EnglischerGarten impresses with beautiful lakes, expensive greens and beer gardens. It is a perfect place for a long walk or a bike ride.
  3. The Gärtnerplatz and the adjoining Glockenbachviertel have everything you need for a relaxing timeinMunich: shops,cafes,restaurants and trendy bars.
  4. The Frauenkirche Church Tower offers an amazing panorama of the center of Munich. You will have to climb 86 steps to get to the elevator, but the view is worth it.
  5. If you want to experience the real farmers’ market-style shopping, go to Viktualienmarkt and buy some fresh produce. You can also taste some local food and have a great time at the beer garden.

How to get there

The fastest, most comfortable, but not so cheap way to get from the airport to the destination you need is with a Munich taxi company. There are plenty to choose from, each of them offering attractive packages and prices according to your needs.

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Four Seasons Travel

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