Las Vegas Top Rated Tourist Attractions And Things To Do


Most of us are the opinion that the Las Vegas top attractions would be mostly casinos and gambling activities. But, this when I visited this fun city for the first time, the real fun is actually in its other cultural, natural, and historic attractions and sightseeing adventures, which actually stunned me and kept me thinking for much time – Can Las Vegas be this too? Yeah, I agree that casinos are really many, but this time when you go, check out for its all-inclusive entertainment via its untouched public shows, historic landmarks, museums, arcades, and thrilling rides. To make your trip enjoyable without missing out the major ones, I am sharing with you the Las Vegas top attractions.

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The Colosseum at Caesars Palace is a dazzling concert wherein a series of dancers and acrobats adorned in designer costumes come together to give their best performance ever. With moving sets in all directions, the vision is that of a changing episode every few seconds. You are in Cher Las Vegas where the show is from this great singer and songwriter whose works are popular from four decades. Book your tickets well in advance as they get sold very fast.

Next, the Pool at the Mirage Hotel is another visually striking attraction in the center of the Las Vegas Strip. In its lobby, explore the atrium seeming like a tropical rainforest full of trees, waterfalls, and birds. Then, you move through the casino and to the stunning pool area with many palm trees. It is a big twisty stretch of blue waters via the green vegetation with energizing waterfall at one end. Enjoy some water aerobics classes or simply lie down for some relaxation. For kids, there is a water slide where they can remain for long hours. To take up all this, you need to be a guest at the hotel so that you can spend some hours of chill here. Further, the Volcano at the Mirage is where you can feel all the shakes and eruptions of an artificial volcano. The smoke and flames are emitted upwards every night right from 7 pm until midnight, which provide an illusion as that of a real eruption. For me, I rate this No.1 among all the Las Vegas top attractions.

The Canyon Ranch SpaClub at the Venetian Hotel is one of best spas as compared to the other luxury resorts specialized in spas. Located at a few miles away from the Las Vegas Strip, this is where you can be ensured of your health rejuvenation far away from the hustle of the Strip. In this obviously smoke-free refuge, take up a massage or a body treatment. In fact, it is here that you will find the hair and nail salon too. In addition, enjoy some tasty spa cuisine in its cafe.