Get ready to travel on the Museum Amsterdam Trip


There are many things you can do in Amsterdam but you can not miss its many museums. There are museums for all tastes. From paintings to sculptures, you are sure to find a piece of art that will captivate your creative side. Let’s talk about some museums that you can include in your next Museum Amsterdam Trip. Don’t miss out on some of the best gems of classic and modern art that you can only enjoy in Amsterdam. Even the younger audience will be captivated by museums like the Moco Museum, popular for exhibiting works of art that generate critical thinking. Visiting a museum is not just about seeing and walking around. There are works of art that will connect with our way of seeing things. This is where art pushes people to new levels.

Many museums to choose from

In Amsterdam, it is difficult to choose just one type of museum. In each of them you will find a different way of representing a reality. Each artist seeks to capture his own reality through his works of art. When you are in the presence of a painting or a sculpture it is necessary to understand what motivated the artist to execute it. Sometimes a simple work of art holds a complex meaning. Other times it is the opposite. The truth is that every work of art seeks to captivate the mind of anyone who stops to admire it. If you are one of those who seek to combine classical and modern art, the Rijksmuseum is an excellent choice. If, on the other hand, you are looking for rebellion through modern art, the Moco Museum is the ideal place.

Limits do not exist in this city

In a city with such a rich artistic culture as Amsterdam, there are no limits to creativity. Enjoy in the Stedelijk Museum the works of artists such as Picasso, Koons and Lichtenstein. In the Anne Frank Huis Museum learn about Anne Frank, a girl who at only 12 years of age, narrated how she hid with her family from the Nazis during the Second World War. If you appreciate the best known then you should visit the Van Gogh Museum with more than 1400 pieces of art, including his popular painting “Sunflowers”. At the Moco Museum you can see today’s world from another perspective with works such as “Reflecting Forward: In Search of Connectivism” by Studio Irma and “Freaky Mouse” by Fidia. In any case, there is no room for boredom in Amsterdam.