Car Rental SG Spots For Families


In 2021, car rental SG programs and services will allow you to find the best hidden Places in Singapore. Worry not if you cannot travel abroad as these hidden gems will more than make up for all your travel adventures.

Singapore is known as the little red dot, being one of the smallest countries in the world. As such, it would be no surprise that many people assume that there is not much to see between the width of 70km. Yet, Singaporeans know better and frequently visit many underrated spots without needing to fly overseas or drive over to Malaysia.

So what destinations exactly require a private car to get to in Singapore? Despite being famed for the highly efficient and well connected MRT system, Singapore still have many places that are not within easy reach from the MRT. As you might expect, these places are generally free to visit and are on the nature side of things.

Jurong Fishery Port

Literally start your adventures early by getting up in the dark to vistit Jurong Fishery Port – Singapore’s take on the famous Tsukiji Fish Market. Located at the tip of Singapore’s south west edge, the port is a primary market for fisherman selling their catch to wholesalers and other seafood businesses alike.

Since these seafood merchants need time to prep the seafood for sale to customers, these transactions have to take place as early as possible. This means that the port only opens around 1-2am and all action is concluded by 5am. Similarly, since this is a place a of business, rain or shine, the port will be open. In fact, while it primarily caters to businesses, you too can get in on the action. Simply bring your A+ game bargaining skills and have a go at getting the freshest catch possible.

Tuas & Raffles Marina Lighthouse

Tuas is the western most part of Singapore, being home to a whole number of inudstrial and marine parks. As such, few people venture over to Tuas except for work. Yet, this means that they are missing out on the Raffles Marina Lighthouse, which is also known as the Johore Straits Lightouse. In recent years, many instagrammers have made this spot known, posing against the background of this iconic structure.

Go for a drive in the North

While Singapore is a urban crawling landscape, filled with all the hustle and bustle of the city, there are still areas the are steeped with nature and which are much more laid back. For starters, northern Singapore serves as a great respite from the typical city stress. Begin with a road trip to Coney island, Punggol Waterway Park and Punggol Settlement. Next, head over to Rower’s Bay, Lower Seletar Park and Sembawang Park for sunset. All of these destinations have free entry and offer a great respite.

Macritchie Treetop Hike

The TreeTop Hike (TTW) is the 1st of its sort in Singapore and in the region, this free-standing hanging arch attaches the two most elevated parts (Bukit Peirce and Bukit Kalang) in MacRitchie and supplies a top down sight of the neighborhood of flora and creatures that reside in the woodland canopy. The complete span of the walkway is roughly 250 m and its height from the woodland ground varies, with the peak at 25m.

The distance to the entry of the TreeTop Walk is around 4.5 kilometres (1.5– 2 hours stroll) from MacRitchie Reservoir Park and 2.5 km (45 mins– 1 hours stroll) from the vehicle park at Venus Drive. A full circle including the TreeTop Walk is around 7 kilometres to 10 km (3-5 hrs depending upon your walking speed). This is an unbelievably insta worthy area which everybody must visit to enjoy the scenery.