8 Tips on How to Travel with Your Pup


Since pets are a part of the family, we should always take them on board whenever we plan for a trip.

A vacation becomes twice as enjoyable when shared with your pet for the experience becomes more memorable.

However, it is worth noting that pets will react differently to new places, people, and weather, which means that you must plan adequately to avoid messing up your trip.

The following eight tips for travelling with your pup will enable you to enjoy the trip.

Take a Test Drive

Just like travelling affects most people, the same happens to dogs. Before your trip, take your pup out for a test drive for a few hours to monitor their reactions.

Motion sickness can make your pup spit up or get drowsy, so prior testing will guide you on the things to carry along for the trip to make your dog comfortable.

Pack Medications and Food

How does your body react to a location with weather different from that of your home? Most probably, you carry medication to help you suppress some symptoms that would come with other weather conditions.

Dogs get affected by changes in the weather too. You will need to pack some medications for them before starting the trip.

This way you will have medications with you should your pet suffer from allergies with the change of weather.

Travelling to a new location means that your pup will probably have to feed on a new menu. That is unless you bring her food from home with you on the trip.

Reserve Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Not all hotels will allow pets. Before you leave, identify the hotels or motels that allow pets to avoid inconveniences when checking in.

Some hotels also will charge an extra fee if you intend to bring your pet along. Enquire about this and request for a copy of their hotel policies to ensure your pup breaks no rule.

Update ID Tags and Leashes

When going on a trip, you pack what is best for you to wear, and this should apply to your pet too.

Get them an updated ID tag and leave the faded one at home. The new ID tag and a leash will make it easier for people to contact you in case your pup gets lost.

Sometimes your pup will become so excited that they wander off when you are not paying attention.

Make a Puppy’s Packing List

Planning for a journey becomes overwhelming, especially if you have many family members. Sometimes you may end up forgetting to pack for your little puppy.

Make a comprehensive list of all the things that you want to carry along for your puppy so that you do not forget anything.

As you pack your swimsuits, trail boots, or safety kits, do not forget your puppy’s favourite toys, food, and snacks. They also would want to enjoy the moment to the fullest.

Exercise Your Puppy A Day before the Trip

Is your puppy so active that you are worried they may make your trip unbearable? If so, here is the secret.

Exercise your puppy a day before the trip, and I bet they will sleep the whole while, to give you ample time to enjoy that road trip.

Visit the Vet

Nothing becomes as devastating as having a sick puppy on a trip.  A day before the trip, visit the vet to check if everything is ok for the puppy to travel.

Let the vet check for the pup’s temperature and any symptoms that may bring complications either when using the road or air.

By doing this, you will have saved yourself and your puppy from bad moments during the trip.

Treat Your Pup

The reason people go for a trip is to have fun, and the same applies to your pup. In addition to the toys your puppy is accustomed to, buy her something new to hold her attention.

Plan to spoil that sweet little pup with the many available puppy treats and the memories of the trip will forever live in them.

Image source Pixabay