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Best Places to See in Europe Free of Charge! Part II

Thanks for taking the time reading the first part of this three-part series of the best free tourist destinations in Europe . For those who missed the first issue, here’s a brief summary: Spain (Beaches in Malaga and Seville’s castles and plazas), Germany (Berlin’s National Museums as well as Reichstag) and last but not the least -Prague (Prague Orloj in the Old Town Square and Praský hrad). Enjoy another batch of gorgeous European destinations for free here! Just scroll down below.

Vienna – One of Austria’s most visited cities, Vienna needs no introduction. This city is a perfect example of a successful mash up of the old and new architecture designs. The good thing is; Vienna’s landmark Stephansdom -a gothic church built in 1144 -don’t have an entrance fee whatsoever. Yes, again, it’s free and taking travel pictures of the old church isn’t a crime.

Sweden – Your next stop is Gamla Stan -an old neighborhood in Stockholm which is ornamented with countless German churches. The main attractions include the St. George and the Dragon statue including its home Storkyran Cathedral and Tyska Kyrkan along with its stained glasses.

Ireland – Your destination is Dublin, the capital city of Ireland. Yet again, you can enjoy free pass to its numerous museums and galleries like the Museum of Decorative Arts and History and Kilmainham in Collin Barracks, Merrion Squares National Gallery together with the Museum of National History, and the National Museum of Modern Art in the Royal Hospital. Museums and galleries aside, also visit a small picturesque fishing village called Howth Head where you can stroll around, have a picnic, learn to fish, and/or take snapshots.

Paris, France – The city of love that no longer needs an intro. Yes, even the fashion capital of the world has a couple of freebies for you. Watch the Eiffel Tower any time of the day. For me, the best time to enjoy the romantic effect of the landmark is during a sparkling night. A fan of arts are we? Then visit Musee du Louvre every first Sunday of the month. Teachers and tourists under 26 are exempt to admission fees. There’s Notre Dame as well which is free for the eyes.

Want more free pass in Europe? Check out the third and final listing.

Destinations & Places

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